Xcel Fitness Gym Bend, Oregon


Xcel Fitness Testimonial

The best gym in Bend, OR. I swear this is the only gym that has great equipment, it’s huge and they have everything you could imagine! The staff are all¬†super friendly and will remember your face every time you walk through that door! –¬†Baylee K

I think Xcel is awesome! Great people work there, the equipment is plentiful and spot-on, and if you have an issue they take care of you right away. I’ve been going there for 3 years and I would undoubtedly recommend it. Thanks! – Bob B

Xcel Fitness Testimonial
Xcel Fitness Testimonials Bend Oregon

I love this gym!!! They have all the equipment I need and much more. The facility is large and spacious. Staff is very friendly and helpful. 24-hour access means I can go anytime I want. Plus, the classes are great and they offer a lot of options. – Larua R

Absolutely the best gym you will find

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