DEFINE Fitness and Barre | Private Fitness and Personal Training Studio | Virtual Online Barre Class Studio in Olympia, Washington (WA) | Private Personal Trainer Boutique and Barre Class Studio

Our studio provides our private fitness training clients a safe and sanitized environment to reduce possible COVID-19 exposure. 

[DEFINE] Fitness and Barre in Olympia, WA, is a Private Personal Training Studio and Virtual ONLINE Barre Class studio located in downtown Olympia, Washington (WA), offering your very own one-on-one professional Personal Trainer.  We are experienced to provide special care for customized training to any age or fitness condition – helping you reach your goals.

Virtual [DEFINE] Barre Fitness Classes are currently available ONLINE ONLY. 

All of our personal trainers are experienced, college-educated and certified through NASM and specialized TRX Suspension Training, TRX Rip Training and Vibration Plate technology.  

Enter an exciting and motivating atmosphere for your weight management, weight loss and life fitness goals. We also offer barre classes that incorporate a fusion of Pilates, yoga and balance on the barre. Come check out [DEFINE] Fitness and Barre today! 

[DEFINE] Fitness

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Fitness Tips & Fitness Training

Woman on an elliptical front

Low-Impact but High-Intensity: The 8 Best Ellipticals for Home Gyms

Need one of the best ellipticals for home to do some lowimpact cardio? Check out our top picks.


Man on an elliptical front

The 8 Best Elliptical Machines That Will Leave You Winded—but Not Underwhelmed

Stay on track with your fitness goals with the eight best ellipticals, as reviewed by our fitness experts.


Woman on an indoor stationary bike front

8 Expert-Approved Stationary Bikes to Put a New Spin on Your Home Gym in 2021

Learn more about the best stationary bikes of 2021, so you can bring the spin classes to your living room.


Bacon front

10 Processed Foods You Should Never Eat

Before you take your next trip to the grocery store, you might want to check out the 10 processed foods you should never eat.


Two people kayaking front

7 Creative Ways to Work out as a Couple

A little

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I recently finished eating and training like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for 33 days. (37/M/6’3”/208lbs). Results, Pics, Thoughts, and The Rock’s Response. : Fitness

Starting February 1, I began my “Rock’ing for 30 Days” challenge to eat and train like Dwayne Johnson for 30 days. As it ended on a Tuesday, I finished out the week, completing a total of 33 days of the challenge.

Three weeks ago, I shared all the details about the eating and workout plan, so I won’t repeat it here.


After eating 5300 calories a day for 33 days, more than 23 hours of cardio, and almost 80lbs of cod!, I gained a total of 1lb. After over 28 hours of weight training, I got leaner and gained some muscle in my upper arms (most triceps), upper legs (mostly quads), my upper chest (you can see it pulled my chest up). Here are the before and after photos.


I blogged every day during this month and a few articles got written about the challenge.

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Fitness Center Erie, CO, Personal Training Northglenn, CO | Personalized Gym Westminster, CO & Broomfield, CO

If you’re looking to get fit and healthy, Core Progression Elite Personal Training is the right choice. Our clean, state-of-the-art studio in Northglenn, CO welcomes you to a whole new way of life. We achieve your goals through personalized attention. You’re not just one of many. You don’t need to adapt, keep up, or figure anything out. We listen to your expectations and concerns, and match your style and personality to the right trainer. Our degree-certified fitness experts rely on proven experience and a revolutionary approach to guide you to success.

We are proud to have won the “Best of 2020” award for personal trainers from the Denver A-List.

Denver A List 2020 BEST Personal TrainersCongrats Letter Denver A List 2020

Visit our Northglenn, CO Personal Training Center

Core Progression Elite Personal Training is not a big-box gym concentrating on increasing membership. Our innovative personal training program adapts to suit men and women, college students, professional athletes, body builders, youth sports

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Xtra Fitness – Personal Training, X-Circuits, Bootcamps and More..

New Client Specials

1 Month of Unlimited XCircuits & XCamps $30  purchase 

Xtra Spin Cycle Trial Class $1  purchase

 Private Training Special:   3 for $89 purchase 

Looking for a customized training plan.  Our 1 on1 personal training options have you covered!

Burn More Calories in Less Time.

X-CIRCUITS 30 Minute Workout!!  TRY FREE

Over 25 X-circuit trainings a week to choose from and no appointment needed!  Our staple workout!

Memberships don’t get you in shape.

Workouts do!!

     Millions of people join the gym each year with every intention of making a lifestyle change and transforming their bodies.  Unfortunately, most get frustrated and that unstoppable determination they had just a few months before quickly fades away.  This is because most people need more than just a membership.  A membership only gives you access,  but all the education, motivation, workout plan and nutrition is still up to

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Now Its Personal Training | Port St. Lucie | Stuart FL

ISSA Certified Master Trainer With Multiple Specialist Certifications 

One of The Best in the Industry Will Come To You

The best Fitness Specialists are the ones that have been there and done that because they truly understand. I can help you lose body fat & gain lean muscle mass. I can also help you improve upon the strength and conditioning level that your currently at. Whatever your fitness goals are, I can help. 

I became a ISSA Certified Fitness Specialist to help others & had the pleasure to work with former Mr. USA  John DeFendis as a Ultra Fit Fitness Specialist. After starting my business I’ve help many people lose weight & get in shape. Today I am what is called a seasoned professional with specialist certifications. Do you want to go  to a regular doctor or a specialist? Let me help you.

The secret of getting ahead is getting

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Elmwood Park Personal Training – Achieve 24

Achieve 24

Highest Rated Training Program in Elmwood Park

We are the leading provider of specialized and tailored health and fitness services in the area. By delivering premium health and fitness services for our varied community, we are confident that we can help you to reach – and surpass – your fitness goals. Whether your aim is to lose that stubborn body fat, improve your diet, train for a marathon, or just feel better in your day-to-day life, we can help! If you’re looking to live a healthier more fit lifestyle, look no further!

At Achieve 24, we are dedicated to serving our community and giving back whenever possible. Through our Barbells for Boobs initiative alone, we have donated more than $150,000 to local and national charity organizations and we are excited about any opportunities the future might hold. Together, we’re working to make Elmwood Park a better place for

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Latrobe Personal Training – My Fitness Kitchen

My Fitness Kitchen

The Best Nutrition And Fitness Solution Around

Welcome to My Fitness Kitchen, a nutrition coaching and fitness training facility all packed into one!

We train and support men and women of all ages and walks of life, offering expertise, accountability, and motivation that can help you enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. We are proud to offer you multiple membership options and a wide range of nutrition and fitness training programs. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, gain weight, or just establish a more sustainable approach to your diet and exercise, we have what you’re looking for.


Our Expert Team

Our team is made up of dedicated, educated professionals who are committed to helping you find the best balance of fitness and nutrition in your life. We leverage evidence-based scientific programming while providing sustainable methods of progression to support you

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‘Strength training for breathing muscles’ holds promise for host of health benefits — ScienceDaily

Working out just five minutes daily via a practice described as “strength training for your breathing muscles” lowers blood pressure and improves some measures of vascular health as well as, or even more than, aerobic exercise or medication, new CU Boulder research shows.

The study, published June 29 in the Journal of the American Heart Association, provides the strongest evidence yet that the ultra-time-efficient maneuver known as High-Resistance Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST) could play a key role in helping aging adults fend off cardiovascular disease — the nation’s leading killer.

In the United States alone, 65% of adults over age 50 have above-normal blood pressure — putting them at greater risk of heart attack or stroke. Yet fewer than 40% meet recommended aerobic exercise guidelines.

“There are a lot of lifestyle strategies that we know can help people maintain cardiovascular health as they age. But the reality is, they

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Weight Training Exercises

Weight Training Exercises

Leg Tricep Rhomboids Deltoid Back Lower Back or Erector Spinae Butt Hamstring Hamstring Calf Gastrocnemius Forearm Forearm Forearm Brachialis Exercises Bicep Exercises Lower Abdominals Lower Abdominal Quadricep Oblique Oblique Quadricep Chest Shoulder Shoulder Hip Flexor Hip Flexor Forearm Deltoid Rhomboids Trapezius Serratus Anterior Serratus Anterior Brain Eyes Tricep Leg

Resistance training is the base of any good physique. It requires the right amount of timing, intensity and overall commitment. There are many exercises in which you can perform to achieve that result.


  • Increases confidence level by helping you acheive a better self-image
  • Resistance training helps with energy levels
  • Creates a better body composition
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Decreases your resting heart rate
  • Decreases dangerous LDL levels


Dumbbells are the backbone to any training program. This is a complete list of dumbbell exercises with images or pictures. Come back often to see the latest

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