TOP Fitness Strength & Conditioning

6am-7am: 11 Week Golf Fitness (T/Th) (Jul 13 – Aug 26) at TOP Fitness

6:45am-7:45am: 11 Week Golf Fitness (T/Th) (Jul 13 – Aug 26) at TOP Fitness

7:40am-8:40am: 11 Week / 2 Days Adult Fitness (Jul 13 – Aug 26) at TOP Fitness

8:20am-9:30am: 10 Week / 2 Day Performance Enhancement (High School/Middle School) (Jul 13 – Aug 19) at TOP Fitness

8:20am-9:30am: 8 Week / 2 Day Performance Enhancement Program (High School/Middle School) (Jul 13 – Aug 19) at TOP Fitness

9am-10:10am: 10 Week / 2 Day Performance Enhancement (High School/Middle School) (Jul 13 – Aug 19) at TOP Fitness

9am-10:10am: 8 Week / 2 Day Performance Enhancement Program (High School/Middle School) (Jul 13 – Aug 19) at TOP Fitness

9:40am-10:50am: 10 Week / 2 Day Performance Enhancement (High School/Middle School) (Jul 13 – Aug 19) at TOP Fitness

9:40am-10:50am: 8 Week / 2 Day Performance Enhancement Program

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Top 50 Most Attractive And Inspiring Female Fitness Models

From long-distance runners, to ballerinas, to yogis and celebrity trainers, these sexy, trendy and in-shape fitness beauties constantly show off their gorgeous, fit bodies on social media for the world to enjoy. Thank god they do too, because I’m thirsty! But these women are more than just thirst-traps. They are inspirational.

Not only will we rank some of the sexiest bodies on the planet, but we will also list all of the proper diet and nutrition information these girls use in their day-to-day lives – alongside all of the high-intensity interval training and different whole-body compound exercises they do to achieve success.

No one is saying it is going to be easy to get that level of physical fitness, but at least we know that it’s possible, all thanks to these women. Follow along with this story and be inspired to get fit in a healthy way. #1 and #2

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Top 15 San Jose, CA Personal Trainers w/ Prices & Reviews

Residents of San Jose, CA really can have it all; big city life, surrounded by the natural beauty of both the mountains and the sea. The heart of technology meets the stunning face of Mother Nature all tangled up with a shared passion (or rivalry) for an abundance of successful sports organizations. Whether you sport the golden jersey of the Warriors, or prefer the smell of turf at an Earthquakes game, chances are you value and appreciate fitness in some capacity. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in San Jose, you’ve come to right place. is in San Jose for one reason; to help you reach your potential physically. We can connect you to the very best personal trainers in your area who are ready to help you meet your goals. Whether you prefer the great outdoors, a gym setting, private in-home sessions, sports fitness, or yoga,

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Top 10 New York, NY Personal Trainers w/ Prices & Reviews

Are you sitting for long hours at your office job, eating whatever may be laying around when you’re hungry and exercising only on your walks from your apartment to the office? If this sounds too much like your life in New York City then you could probably use a personal trainer to kick start your life.

At we understand that an intensive job and vibrant social life don’t always go hand in hand with health and fitness. For that reason we’ve made it simple for you to find a personal trainer in New York that will not only customize your fitness experience but meet you at the time and place most convenient for you and your busy schedule. You can either browse through our list of personal trainers above or fill out our customer request form so we can match you with the perfect personal trainer.

Whether you have

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Top 50 Fitness Facts (That Will Shock and Amaze You)

Some people go crazy if they can’t make it to the gym every day, while others struggle just to work out once a week. Whatever side of this equation you’re on, learning some new fitness facts can help you to make better use of your exercise time (and maybe even have more fun while you’re doing it).

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite health and fitness facts below. You may just be surprised to learn the many benefits of a regular workout routine. We’ve also debunked a few common myths that many people believe about exercise. Ready to bone up on your fitness knowledge? Let’s dig in!

Fitness Facts

Man doing a workout

  1. Only 1/3 of adults reach the minimum recommended guidelines for weekly physical activity. Even worse, fewer than 5% of adults in the United States engaged in at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and about 1 in 4
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Top 10 Gym in Mumbai

The creative city of India, Mumbai, should be the most healthy city too as creativity flourishes more in a healthy mind and a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, we decided to bring up to you the list of top ten best gyms in Mumbai that will help you accomplish the purpose better. This post will prove to be a treat for the fitness freaks and an informative for the ones who are looking for the best gyms in Mumbai. We have compiled a list of top 10 gyms in Mumbai, choose the one you feel is most convenient for you! Let’s go then!

Top 10 Best Gyms in Mumbai

Qi Gym Churchgate:


Qi Lifecare in Churchgate

Located at Churchgate near Eros Cinema Building, Qi offers various benefits which makes them highly efficient. They own the largest cardio facility in Mumbai with over 45 cardio units. They advocate the “No Personal-Training policy”

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The Top 9 Fitness Trends on the Horizon in 2021

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our health takes priority.

In addition to the many societal changes of last year, the way we exercise has changed, too. With more people staying at home without access to gyms, the fitness landscape has transformed dramatically.

With 2021 upon us, we can expect to see even more changes to fitness culture. Industry experts are predicting massive shifts, so you may wonder what this year has in store.

Here are the top 9 fitness trends predicted for 2021.

With gym restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, consumers are expected to continue to invest in at-home fitness experiences.

1. Home gyms

According to a recent poll of 2,000 people by OnePoll, 75% of

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Top Ten Products Online

How To Get Into Ketosis Fast

You’re ready to start the ketogenic diet and uncover the slimmer version of yourself which has been hiding for too long. The only obstacle standing in your way is actually entering ketosis. Instead of looking longingly into where you want to be or dream of a weight you wish you were, you’ve come to the right place to begin your journey.

When approaching any lifestyle change, qualified nutritionists will tell you that in order to make changes stick, it’s important to slowly integrate them and adopt a permanent modification of how you’ve been eating and exercising. However, in order to have the motivation to really stick to a new way of eating, many people need that initial boost. Seeing immediate changes in your body gives you a burst of confidence which will keep you going to lose significant weight

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Top Dental Software – 2021 Reviews, Pricing & Demos

Dental offices deal with a high volume of patient information—both clinical and administrative. The dentists and office managers we talk to most often are looking for ways to improve access to that information, and for better efficiency in documenting and managing it.

Watch the video below to see dental software functions and benefits in action.


As you just saw, dental software is designed to streamline the workflows of dental practices to help improve not only efficiency, but also patient care. Common applications and modules of dental software include:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Digital sensor/imaging
  • Billing
  • Electronic claims
  • Coding
  • Reporting
  • Recall system/reminders
  • Staff scheduling

We’ve created this guide to help prospective dental software buyers better understand the benefits dental solutions can offer. Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Dental Practice Management Software?
Common Features of Dental Practice Management Software
How Is Dental Software Priced?
ARRA Meaningful Use for Dentists
Popular Dental

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Top 20 Hot and Sexy Female Fitness Models [With Links to Instagram]

Being a female fitness model is harder than it looks. It requires dedication in the gym and a strict focus on nutrition to get your body to the height of physical perfection. There are thousands of women that want to be the best and claim a place on the front cover of some of the world’s leading magazines, but only a few that have what it takes.

We’ve put together a list of 20 women we feel deserve being called hot and sexy female fitness models. Have a look below and see if you agree, is there anyone we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments below.

Laura Henshaw

Laura Henshaw is an Australian fitness model that has featured on the cover of Women’s Health magazine, co-authored a book on body confidence and co-created a health and fitness app to help people with their clean eating

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