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Wastewater treatment, also called sewage treatment, the removal of impurities from wastewater, or sewage, before it reaches aquifers or natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, estuaries, and oceans. Since pure water is not found in nature (i.e., outside chemical laboratories), any distinction between clean water and polluted water depends on the type and concentration of impurities found in the water as well as on its intended use. In broad terms, water is said to be polluted when it contains enough impurities to make it unfit for a particular use, such as drinking, swimming, or fishing. Although water quality is affected by natural conditions, the word pollution usually implies human activity as the source of contamination. Water pollution, therefore, is caused primarily by the drainage of contaminated wastewater into surface water or groundwater, and wastewater treatment is a major element of water pollution control.

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IT Systems, Security and Data Privacy

Whether you are an independent practice, a group practice or a dental service organization, we provide dental IT solutions for:

Because Medix Dental IT works only with dental providers, we know dentistry. We use that dental expertise when developing your practice IT roadmap and mitigating IT vendor issues. Medix Dental IT specializes in:

Through our Onyx Partnerships, Medix Dental IT provides better dental practice protection. Among the benefits:

Drama-free IT

When systems are down, patients are forced to wait, putting staff in a precarious position. With prompt response and resolution from Medix Dental IT, you can defend your office from downtime and keep patients and staff at full capacity – and happiness.

Protecting Practice Data Like It Is Our Own

Costs for data breaches add up quickly – from legal fees and forensic analysis to regulatory fines, patient loss and reputational harm. That’s why Medix Dental IT uses security automation

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