Unusual treatment shows promise for kids with brain tumors | Pennsylvania State News

For decades, a deadly type of childhood cancer has eluded science’s best tools. Now doctors have made progress with an unusual treatment: Dripping millions of copies of a virus directly into kids’ brains to infect their tumors and spur an immune system attack.

A dozen children treated this way lived more than twice as long as similar patients have in the past, doctors reported Saturday at an American Association for Cancer Research conference and in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Although most of them eventually died of their disease, a few are alive and well several years after treatment — something virtually unheard of in this situation.

“This is the first step, a critical step,” said the study’s leader, Dr. Gregory Friedman, a childhood cancer specialist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“Our goal is to improve on this,” possibly by trying it when patients are first diagnosed

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Gene Collier: Gene Therapy: Ohio joins Pennsylvania with ‘stand-your-ground’ law, also known as ‘make my day’ | Tribune

Apr. 7—Another active shooter was getting busy with his Second Amendment rights as I sat down to write this Tuesday morning, with no final accounting of this latest swoop of metronomic American carnage yet available at deadline.

The ghoulish tally in Frederick, Md., where the active shooter’s day ended typically in his own death, will attach to the spike in gun violence that began last month in Atlanta and Boulder, where 18 bloody corpses served to illustrate a nation eager to get back to slaughtering each other with real bullets rather than waiting out some soulless pathogen.

But there was more gun news Tuesday.

In Ohio, Tuesday was the day the new state law took effect, officially plunging the Buckeye State into the company of 37 others (including the Keystone State) with so-called stand-your-ground laws in the statutes.

Funny how this works, and by funny I mean, of course, tragic.

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Immunity-Boosting Supplement Deliveries Underway at Critical Time as Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Sanitation Workers, Social Workers are Bracing For a Tough Winter as Second Wave of Virus Hits Pennsylvania | Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AlchemLife USA, a Philadelphia-based manufacturer of high-quality phytonutrients and herbal extracts, in partnership with Stevenson Advocacy LLC, a Philadelphia-based business development, government affairs and international relations consulting firm, recently donated $1.35 million worth of immunity-boosting PhytoRelief-CC supplements to Philadelphia’s municipal union workers – police officers, firefighters, paramedics, sanitation workers, DHS social workers and others – who are on the frontlines of the city’s battle to halt the spread of COVID-19. 

All city municipal workers come into frequent contact with citizens daily, putting them at greater risk of exposure to the virus. These city employees are working nearly around the clock during the COVID-19 pandemic. The immunity-boosting PhytoRelief-CC supplements will help these tired municipal workers protect their own depleted immune systems during this worldwide health crisis.

Four municipal labor leaders welcomed the in-kind contribution:

  • Philadelphia’s police officers are on the
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New Treatment for Severe Emphysema Now Covered Under Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield | Pennsylvania

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Olympus announced that Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) updated its coverage policy to include the Spiration® Valve System for eligible patients suffering from severe emphysema, a form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This coverage provides a minimally invasive treatment alternative for eligible patients.

Highmark is a nationally recognized industry leader in developing up-to-date policy guidelines for safe and effective medical technologies. It is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, and the fourth-largest overall Blue Cross Blue Shield-affiliated organization, with over 5 million members in Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. For more information, visit:

For information about Olympus Spiration® Valve System, visit these dedicated websites:

“This expanded coverage for endobronchial valve treatment is great news for patients who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of severe emphysema,” said Dr. Gerard

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