Does Your Child Have a Peanut Allergy? Learn about a Treatment Option | Health & Wellness

(BPT) – Peanut allergy is the most common food allergy in children in the U.S. and affects approximately 1.3 million children between the ages of 4 through 17.1

If your child has a peanut allergy, you know firsthand the burden it can have on your family. It can be a life-long condition, and reactions to peanut can range from mild to potentially life-threatening.

Exposure to even a small amount of allergen can prompt an allergic reaction2; approximately one in five children with physician-diagnosed peanut allergy had at least one peanut-allergy related emergency department visit in a single year within the U.S.3

Practicing a strict peanut-free diet alone may not be enough. No matter how careful you are as a parent, a family, or a community, accidental exposure can still happen anytime, anywhere, and the constant vigilance can be exhausting. As a result, peanut allergy is associated

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Demand for key option for COVID treatment increases | Somerset

A key treatment option for those who get mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms is growing in use, health care professionals said during a media conference Friday.

The treatment is monoclonal antibodies infusion.

Basically, the therapy reduces the likelihood of a patient experiencing severe effects of COVID-19 that can place them in a hospital, perhaps on a ventilator or even death from complications of the virus, health care officials said.

Boswell woman recalls COVID treatment

Karen Ryan, her sister and her mother are close. They enjoy spending all their time together.

“The demand for monoclonal antibodies therapy has more than quadrupled in the last three weeks,” said Tami Minnier, UPMC chief quality officer. “We now have 45 sites able to perform the treatment.”

Tami Minnier

Tami Minnier, chief quality officer at UPMC, discusses the importance of COVID-19 vaccines during a media conference Friday.

The three larger health care systems in and near Somerset County — UPMC

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Essential Tremor Awareness Month: Tips to Finding the Best Treatment Option for Your Essential Hand Tremor | Health & Wellness

(BPT) – Every March we celebrate Essential Tremor Awareness Month to bring awareness to the most common movement disorder among adults, typically impacting the hand. This condition causes involuntary shaking, which occurs during intentional movement of the affected body part, also known as an action tremor.

Essential tremor is a debilitating disease, both physically and emotionally. People living with the condition struggle to complete everyday tasks such as pouring a glass of water or writing their own signature. Essential tremor also causes people to miss out on fulfilling experiences like holding their newborn grandchild or engaging in their favorite hobbies such as drawing and cooking because action-based tremors are uncontrolled.

Many patients with the condition start to avoid doing activities that bring them joy in order to alleviate the stress caused by their hand tremors. Given these challenges, it is vital for patients with essential tremor to find the right

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