Top 10 Gym in Mumbai

The creative city of India, Mumbai, should be the most healthy city too as creativity flourishes more in a healthy mind and a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Thus, we decided to bring up to you the list of top ten best gyms in Mumbai that will help you accomplish the purpose better. This post will prove to be a treat for the fitness freaks and an informative for the ones who are looking for the best gyms in Mumbai. We have compiled a list of top 10 gyms in Mumbai, choose the one you feel is most convenient for you! Let’s go then!

Top 10 Best Gyms in Mumbai

Qi Gym Churchgate:


Qi Lifecare in Churchgate

Located at Churchgate near Eros Cinema Building, Qi offers various benefits which makes them highly efficient. They own the largest cardio facility in Mumbai with over 45 cardio units. They advocate the “No Personal-Training policy”

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