Paralysed woman fights her fate to become martial arts fitness instructor

Katrina Parra from Venezuela who was paralysed and is now a fitness instructor. (Photo: @katrina.parra.1/Newsflash)

A young Venezuelan woman who was paralysed by a rare illness refused to accept her fate. And through true grit and determination she fought her way back to full health and become a fitness instructor.

Katrina Parra was paralysed from the neck down when she was struck down by a rare disease called porphyria, which affects the joints, when she was 21.

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The fitness instructor, who lives in the Spanish city of Barcelona, said that she was unable to eat and move as footage showing her with wasted muscles and in a wheelchair show, but through determination to change her fate she slowly improved day by day. She was also helped by undergoing therapy and being attend to by dedicated specialists.

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