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Special Needs Dentists in Ohio

Ohio has a variety of health professionals experienced and willing to help your loved one with special needs. Finding a great dentist may seem difficult but with the right guidance, you will be able to find the perfect dentist that your child or loved one will feel comfortable visiting on a regular basis.

A special needs dentist is an individual that has undergone years of additional training in order to prepare to care for patients with special needs. These individuals will be those that you will generally want to gravitate toward, however, no single database exists that is especially good at locating special needs dentists. Do not fear, we have resources available that will help you find the right dentist.

Special Needs Resources in Ohio

Ohio has many great special needs resources that can help you find a wonderful dentist.

Special needs resources ohio

Start by visiting the Ohio Dental Association. They are a

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Special Needs Dentists in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are quite a few professional dentists who are experienced and committed to caring for patients with special needs. In general, special needs dentists receive 2-3 years of extra schooling which ensures they are perfectly equipped to care for patients. At Emergency Dentists USA it’s our goal to make it easy for families an individuals find the perfect dentist near them. We’ve researched the best special needs resources for you to help you begin your search.

With guidance, recommendations, and resources, finding the perfect dentist can be easy. You’ll be able to find a dentist you love and trust and someone who will make going to the dentist a breeze for your loved one with special needs.

Dr Greg Grillo DDS
“Everyone deserves the best dental experience possible. Teams that are trained to work with special needs patients have the training and extra dose of compassion. These resources are a great place
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Dentists in South Jordan – Yelp

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Dentists in San Clemente – Yelp

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Local Dentists in Denver, CO | Vero Dental

Dr. Giuseffi


General Practice Residency Program (2013), University of Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview, Minneapolis, MN

Doctor of Dental Surgery (2012), University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Minneapolis, MN

Bachelor of Science in Biology (2008), Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO


I love to provide excellent care in general dentistry and form lasting relationships with patients. I strive to offer honest assessment of each patient’s oral health and together develop necessary treatment options. I elected to complete a General Practice Residency for advanced training in multiple dental disciplines such as cosmetics, oral surgery, endodontics, prosthodontics, implantology, and geriatrics. I am committed to further continuing education.


Outside of my passion for dentistry, I love the outdoors and spending time with my family. I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota and often visit my family who still live there. My favorite activities are weight lifting, running, soccer, volleyball,

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Our Dentists & Dental Surgeons

Our Dentists & Dental Surgeons – Dental365

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Cosmetic Dentistry




Oral Surgery

Dental Sleep Medicine



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Dentists Near Me – Find Dentists

Dr. Dental has dental offices throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and in New Hampshire. Wherever you are in the New England area, Dr. Dental provides convenient and affordable family dentists near you.

Dr. Dental clinics have been serving the communities of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New Jersey for over a decade. We take pride in being the first choice of the residents of these states and strive to maintain the high quality services that won them over in the first place. This is why we are constantly expanding our offerings, updating our techniques and equipment, and ensuring that they find a Dr. Dental dentist nearby.

“Why is Dr. Dental a Better Option than Other Dentists Near Me?”

Dr. Dental dentists are qualified professionals who are yet to meet a mouth they do not like. In addition to boasting years of experience and expertise using top notch dental tools, they

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Whittier Square Dentistry – Best Whittier Dentists

Call for your dental appointment today: 562-696-2862

If you want excellent care, call our friendly dental staff today and make an appointment today. Top quality teeth and gums care is absolutely important for your overall oral health as well as your social life. Our professional staff truly cares about you and all your families’ needs. We always do our best to give you the best quality care you deserve from each of our dentists. Our office staff of wonderful dentists and professionals have countless happy patients who come back year after year for their check up, cleaning, and other services they may need. We offer most services you may need from general dentistry, professional teeth cleaning, dental implants, orthodontic braces, cosmetic dentistry, and much more.


Come and meet our staff and get your checkup and professional cleaning. We truly listens to your

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