Cape Cod Hospital has one of first mobile infusion treatment centers to fight COVID-19 | Regional

May 29—HYANNIS — Cape Cod Hospital this week became one of the first hospitals in the country to host a mobile infusion center to treat newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients with Regeneron.

Known as a monoclonal antibody treatment, Regeneron was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in November and is designed to keep those at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 from being hospitalized.

“This is the first one in the country that’s mobile. We’re a test case,” said Dr. Kevin Mulroy, chief quality officer for Cape Cod Healthcare, the parent company of Cape Cod Hospital.

The mobile unit operated by Anyplace M.D. of Austin, Texas, is parked near the COVID-19 testing tent on the hospital campus in Hyannis.

It looks like a big RV or bloodmobile but provides patients with infusions of clear liquid Regeneron, which was among the treatments former President Donald Trump received when he

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Temple will take over Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Philadelphia location | Tribune

Mar. 26—Temple University Health System has agreed to buy the Philadelphia location of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the two organizations said Thursday. The price was not disclosed.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a private for-profit. Temple said it will convert the Juniata Park location into a nonprofit. The deal includes buildings, equipment, and supplies.

Michael A. Young, president and chief executive of Temple University Health System, said the acquisition will give Temple office space to replace what was lost in a fire last year. The deal will also provide room to spread out clinical programs that are now crammed into Temple University Hospital, and it offers a good chance to hire many of the 350 cancer center employees who generate high patient satisfaction scores.

“This gives us clinical opportunity, close enough to Temple that will allow us to eventually move some programs over there,” Young said. It could

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