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Hand Weights, Jump Ropes, & Other Fitness Gear

Keeping a consistent workout routine where you are regularly using fitness equipment to increase the intensity of your workouts is very important. It has many proven benefits that help prolong a healthy and happy lifestyle. In your day to day routine, working out reduces stress, helps you feel motivated and confident in yourself, gives you a healthy boost in energy, and can help you sleep better.

Regular exercise can help certain people manage anxiety, as well as, help maintain a day-to-day structure which gives people a sense of routine and schedule in their busy days. It’s important to have things in your life that you look forward to; working out can be one of those if you create the right fitness routine where you use the right fitness equipment. Here at Gaiam, we understand the importance of purchasing durable, easy to use, fitness equipment that helps produce the desired results

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512-May a provider disclose information about an individual to another provider

Yes. The HIPAA Privacy Rule permits a covered health care provider to use or disclose protected health information for treatment purposes. While in most cases, the treatment will be provided to the individual, the HIPAA Privacy Rule does allow the information to be used or disclosed for the treatment of others. Thus, the Rule does permit a doctor to disclose protected health information about a patient to another health care provider for the purpose of treating another patient (e.g., to assist the other health care provider with treating a family member of the doctor’s patient). For example, an individual’s doctor can provide information to the doctor of the individual’s family member about the individual’s adverse reactions to anesthetics prior to the family member undergoing surgery. These uses and disclosures are permitted without the individual’s written authorization or other agreement with the exception of disclosures of psychotherapy notes, which requires the

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Health, Fitness, & Aquatics Center

Five Dedicated Studios for Group Exercise

Including Mind-Body Classes, Cycling, Strength Training, Pilates and Personal Training

25+ Classes per Week

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Added Exercise Areas for Physical Distancing

More people to keep our gym clean, top-grade disinfectant and touchless sanitizing so no surface is left behind.

Your health and safety is our top priority.

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Work Out from the Comfort of Your Home

Including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and more taught by your favorite instructors.

Live and on-demand classes available.

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Our Philosophy

At the JCCSF Fitness Center we believe in taking a holistic approach to fitness that supports mind, body and spirit. Our Four Pillars Methodology – MINDSET, NUTRITION, MOVEMENT and RECOVERY – are built from innovation, science and real-life experience.

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Amenities and Perks

The Fitness Center’s multiple floors provide modern amenities, state-of-the-art equipment, expert instruction and unmatched support. Enjoy all the features

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What It Is and Why It’s So Good for You

What does it mean to be fit? Finding a discrete definition is somewhat difficult. According to the dictionary, fitness means: “the quality or state of being fit.” (1) (The definition of “fit” is: “sound physically and mentally.”) (2) If you find those words somewhat vague, you’re not alone.

And that’s sort of the point, according to exercise experts. Fitness doesn’t have to mean that you’re an ultra-marathoner or that you can perform one pull-up or one hundred. Fitness can mean different things for different people.

“For me, fitness is first and foremost about feeling good and being able to move without pain,” says the certified strength and conditioning specialist Grayson Wickham, a New YorkCity–based physical therapist and the founder of Movement Vault, a mobility and movement company. He explains that true fitness is about feeling healthy and being in sufficient shape to do the activities you want to do and

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Quill Additional Features for My BrainPOP Users

Have your students signed up for My BrainPOP? If so, they’ll be able to take snapshots during  Quill game play! MyBrainPOP is available to BrainPOP Educators with 24/7 district- or school-wide subscriptions, and is easy for you to sign your students up. Check out our My BrainPOP FAQs for more info.

The snapshot tool allows students to capture significant moments in their gameplay with opportunities for brief written reflection. To use the tool, start by making sure students are logged into My BrainPOP with their own individual accounts. Once students are logged in, the Snapshot Tool will appear below any games that offer this capability.

During gameplay, students can click on the Snapshot tool up to 5 times per game. A thumbnail is generated and stored on the bottom left of the screen.  At any point in the game, students can click on their snapshot(s) and type a caption or

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Teaching Tips | Page 12 of 68

Teaching Tips | Page 12 of 68 | BrainPOP Educators

Before the Movie
What do you think the engineering design process is used for?  

What do you think is involved in inventing something? W…

Before the Movie

What kind of patterns have you seen in nature? 

What do think the Fibonacci Sequence is or has to do with? 

Before the Movie

What kinds of books is Mark Twain famous for writing? 

If you’ve read a book by Mark Twain, which was it and …

Before the Movie

What do you know about Tecumseh?

What would you like to know about Tecumseh, the famous American Indian leade…
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Gerunds and Circulatory System Lesson Plan

In the BrainPOP ELL movie Circulatory System (L3U4L1), Ben and Moby are biking up a big hill. Moby is exhausted as he tries to keep up with Ben. When Moby wonders why they had to work so hard, Ben reminds him of the benefits of exercise, describing the circulatory system, and how the heart works. In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades 3-8, students define and describe parts of the heart as they practice using verbs followed by gerunds and gerunds as the subject of sentences.

Students will:

  1. Complete prompts using verbs followed by gerunds. (Language Objective)
  2. Complete a chart with gerunds as they watch the movie. (Language Objective)
  3. Describe and summarize scenes from the movie using gerunds. (Language and Content Objective)
  4. Write captions for images, using gerunds as subjects. (Language and Content Objective)


Gerund, subject, noun

Verbs that take gerunds: keep, try, stop, like, dislike, recommend, enjoy,

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Denver Kickboxing Fitness – Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping – Denver





Are you sick of mindlessly running on a treadmill? Or do you lack the motivation to consistently workout? Whatever your challenge, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping® can help. Whether you want to lose weight, boost energy, or simply improve your overall health, you’ll fit in at Farrell’s, regardless of age or abilities.

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping® we provide extreme support, extreme encouragement, and extreme accountability that generates extreme results so you feel extreme pride. With our program, you’ll live a more empowered life—physically and emotionally.

You’ll build endurance with our FXB Kickboxing and FXB Strength Training group fitness classes, all while learning how to fuel your body with personalized FXB Nutrition Coaching. And you’ll stay motivated with our FXB Challenges.

We promise to help you transform the way you look and feel—all in a safe and judgment-free space, surrounded by people

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Gastric Balloon, Obalon Balloon System in LA

How Does The Procedure Work?

Firstly, Dr. Moeinolmolki gives you small capsules, or balloons, that you swallow. Once the balloons reach your stomach, he inflates them with gas using a small catheter. After that, the inflated balloon remains in your stomach and doesn’t harm any of your internal structures. It occupies space so that you eat less. A fully inflated balloon is comparable in size to a small orange and weighs about the same as a penny.

In total, the procedure takes less than 10 minutes. Over the course of the three months, Dr. Moeinolmolki places three balloons inside your stomach. The schedule of treatment sessions depends on your weight-loss progress and how your body tolerates the balloons. You should experience gradual weight loss over a six-month period. After that, he removes the balloons via an endoscopy procedure with light sedation.

Am I a Good Candidate for Obalon?

If you

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Gyms in West Sacramento – Yelp

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