Month: March 2021


Take upon Yourself the Whole Armor of God

As members of the Church, we must seek truth in all areas, be it spiritual, educational, scientific, or in the social and moral settings of society.

I am pleased to be with you today. This is a very humbling moment. I can assure you that I have given much thought and prayer to this assignment so that I could say a few words that would be of benefit to you this morning.

It has been my pleasure and honor to be at this great university for the past 40 years. My interaction with the students has been mostly as a coach. I did, however, spend seven-and-a-half years as a bishop and high councilor in a student ward and stake, which I consider the most enjoyable and rewarding Church assignments of my life.

In the Doctrine and Covenants it reads:

Wherefore, lift up your hearts and rejoice, and gird up your

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“Neither Trust in the Arm of Flesh” – Russell M. Nelson

To increase your wisdom and stature, you will exercise your agency. You will choose your teachers and your role models. Choose them wisely.

Thank you, President Samuelson. Thank you for your excellent service and exemplary leadership. We admire you and Sister Samuelson greatly. We also express our gratitude to the faculty and staff for their help to these choice students at Brigham Young University. Wendy and I are grateful to be here with you today.

We are very pleased that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf has been awarded an honorary doctorate. We congratulate him. When we think of all he has accomplished—from his childhood days as a refugee in Europe’s cold, cruel cauldron of war to his position now in the First Presidency of the Church—we stand in awe. Through those years he has become a great man of faith and a devoted disciple of the Lord. Wendy and I have

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Free Agency and Freedom – Dallin H. Oaks

May God bless us to live our lives so as to avoid entangling ourselves in sin and compromising our precious and unique gift of free agency. May we accept responsibility for our thoughts and our actions. May we use our free agency to make righteous choices and to act upon them as we have the freedom to do so.

I appreciate this opportunity to participate in BYU’s annual symposium on the Book of Mormon. This year you are focusing on the second book of Nephi. That book provides some of our most important doctrinal insights on the significance of free agency in the gospel plan. I have therefore chosen to speak about free agency and freedom.

The scriptural terms are agency and free. When we refer to agency, we usually combine the two words and say free agency. But we sometimes use this term to refer to freedom as

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To Acquire Knowledge and the Strength to Use It Wisely

You can learn vitally important things by what you hear and see and, especially, by what you feel, as prompted by the Holy Ghost.

I find it increasingly difficult to speak to you who qualify in worthiness, testimony, and personal capacity to be here on this singular campus. This sense of inadequacy comes from the deep respect and sincere love I feel for each of you. Today my intent is to help you, while your life unfolds in productive ways, to obtain the profound joy and happiness I am blessed to have. If such joy is the nature of your life, what I say will be a confirmation of what you already have been privileged to learn and apply. If that is not the pattern of your life, I will suggest truths that can help you find consistent, enduring happiness.

First, I will share a principle that, if understood and

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Exercise Faith in Jesus Christ

Read the scriptures on page 21. Choose one and share it with your family or friends.

Scriptures about Faith in Action

Because Daniel would not stop praying, he was thrown into a den of lions, but “God … sent his angel, and … shut the lions’ mouths, … and no manner of hurt was found upon him, because he believed in his God” (Daniel 6:22–23; see also verses 16–21).

The Lord gave Lehi the Liahona to guide his family, and “it did work for them according to their faith in God. … [When] they were slothful, and forgot to exercise their faith and diligence … they did not progress in their journey” (Alma 37:40–41).

“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse … and prove me now herewith … if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not

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Chapter 11: Physical and Emotional Preparation

Prospective missionaries should prepare for the physical and emotional demands of a full-time mission.

■ Missionary work is rigorous and demanding. Prospective missionaries are expected to qualify for service in the mission field. This involves not only their level of worthiness but also their physical, mental, and emotional preparation. If a missionary is struggling with physical or mental health, he or she will be at a disadvantage in this aspect of building the kingdom of God. Mental and emotional health is also critical to the success of a missionary in serving the Lord with “all your heart, might, mind and strength” (D&C 4:2). Developing good habits of eating, exercising, sleep, and personal hygiene before the mission call will enhance the likelihood of successfully adapting to the environment of missionary service.

■ President Gordon B. Hinckley counseled priesthood leaders on their responsibility to judge the physical and emotional readiness of missionaries:

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Gym Joplin | Colaw Fitness

Our Joplin location opened its doors on January of 2016 and it is the second Colaw Fitness location to open. After 10 years of being open at our first location in Bartlesville, Oklahoma we took a leap of faith and built what is now Colaw Fitness in Joplin. We are conveniently located at 2706 E 7th Street, right off of Rangeline. We are open and staffed 24/7 making it convenient for members.

Our memberships are all inclusive and give you access to EVERYTHING our club has to offer. Starting with great state-of-the-art fitness equipment to reach your goals and going all the way to private restrooms and showers (that’s right, NO AWKWARD LOCKER ROOMS HERE). Did we mention that at Colaw Fitness you can always bring a friend free? That’s right, we offer free friend benefits with all of our memberships, so bring a buddy and start getting in the

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Quiz on Using Quotation Marks

Directions: Click on “The sentence, please!” and a sentence or sentences will appear in the top text-area. Insert the necessary punctuation marks — quotation marks, commas, etc. — and capitalize words where necessary. Remember that quoted language or titles within a larger quotation will require single-quote marks. We are looking for standard American (as opposed to British) habits of punctuation in this exercise.

When you are finished with each section (or, if you wish, wait until you’ve done them all), click on “Grammar’s Version,” which will reveal how we would have punctuated the sentence(s). Don’t forget to add any ending quotation marks. If you cheat by looking at Grammar’s Version first, your computer will start to smell like an old sneaker.

Insert any necessary punctuation marks in the sentence above
before clicking on “Grammar’s Version.”

Insert any necessary
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AstraZeneca to Supply Extra 500,000 Doses of Covid-19 Treatment to U.S.

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AstraZeneca Chief Executive Pascal Soriot said the long-acting antibody combination has the potential to offer “almost immediate protection” to those who aren’t able to be vaccinated.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

AstraZeneca said on Tuesday that it will supply the U.S. government with an additional 500,000 doses of its experimental, long-acting antibody-based Covid-19 combination treatment that aims to protect those who aren’t able to be vaccinated.

The $205 million agreement to supply the treatment—called AZD7442—builds on a deal the Anglo-Swedish drug manufacturer struck last year with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Read:AstraZeneca advances Covid-19 antibody combo

Under that deal, announced in October, the U.S. invested $486 million for the development and supply of 100,000 doses of AZD7442, with an option to acquire up to an additional one million doses in 2021.


has a separate agreement to supply the DoD with

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Levels of Care for Substance Use Treatment

Treatment for substance use disorder involves a flexible continuum of care, allowing people with the condition to move through various levels as needed.

Seeking treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) can feel like an overwhelming task, and part of this concern may be fear of the unknown: What will treatment be like? Can I get part-time treatment and keep my job? What if my addiction is severe?

First, know you’re not alone. In 2018, an estimated 21.2 million people, ages 12 and older, needed substance use treatment. This equals about 1 in 13, or 7.8% of all adolescents and adults in the United States.

Treatment for SUD involves a flexible continuum of several levels of care. People with substance use disorder can move up or down the levels as needed.

Treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Every person who enters treatment for substance use has

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