Using HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

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Current or recent past users of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) have a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Before the link between HRT use and breast cancer risk was established, many postmenopausal women took HRT for many years to ease menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, fatigue) and to reduce bone loss. Since 2002, when research linked HRT and risk, the number of women taking HRT has dropped dramatically. Still, many women continue to use HRT to handle bothersome menopausal symptoms.

There are two main types of HRT:

  • combination HRT contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone

  • estrogen-only HRT contains only estrogen

Each type of HRT seems to have a different effect on breast cancer risk.

Combination HRT increases breast cancer risk by about 75%, even when used for only a short time. Combination HRT also increases the likelihood that the

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China Wants ‘non-discriminatory’ Treatment Of Huawei, As Survey Says 76 Per Cent Of Canadians Want The Tech Company Banned From 5G

China Wants 'non-discriminatory' Treatment Of Huawei, As Survey Says 76 Per Cent Of Canadians Want The Tech Company Banned From 5G

China’s foreign ministry has called on Canada to be “non-discriminatory” towards Huawei Technologies Co. and other mainland firms after a survey found more than three-quarters of Canadians want the tech giant banned from the country’s 5G networks.

The Nanos poll was conducted for The Globe and Mail newspaper after China released two Canadians whose detention for almost three years was viewed by Ottawa as hostage diplomacy.

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were released last month on the same day as Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, who was being held under partial house arrest in Vancouver until she struck a deal with the US that resulted in prosecutors dropping their request for her extradition on fraud charges.

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Lymphedema: Symptoms, Treatment, and More

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Lymphedema is abnormal swelling that can develop in the arm, hand, breast, or torso as a side effect of breast cancer surgery and/or radiation therapy. Lymphedema can appear in some people during the months or even years after treatment ends.

Lymph is a thin, clear fluid that circulates throughout the body to remove wastes, bacteria, and other substances from tissues. Edema is the buildup of excess fluid. So lymphedema occurs when too much lymph collects in any area of the body. If lymphedema develops in people who’ve been treated for breast cancer, it usually occurs in the arm and hand, but sometimes it affects the breast, underarm, chest, trunk, and/or back.

Lymphedema usually develops gradually, and you may feel an unusual sensation — such as tingling or numbness —

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Exercising Faith

Exercising Faith

Photographs by Richard M. Romney and courtesy of Rachel Roy

Running Laps Again?!

To say I used to hate exercise is an understatement. Just about any form of exercise was uncomfortable. In my middle school gym class, we had to run laps around the field to complete a mile and a half. We also did other exercises to build endurance, strength, and flexibility. All of it was incredibly hard. And all of it took me a long time to do.

There was a reason things were so challenging. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which is a genetically inherited terminal illness.

Exercising Faith

My condition causes mucus to build up in my lungs. My body also has a hard time absorbing nutrients. Because of this, I need lung treatments every morning and night to keep my airways clear. I also take a series of medications throughout the day. I’ve always

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Exercising Your Spiritual Muscles

Strength to Choose

Think about a time in your life when you felt disconnected from God. Now think of the time when you felt the closest to Him. What do you think made the difference?

There was a time when I felt very distant from God. It seemed like He wasn’t answering my prayers or providing any guidance for my life. For me, I realized that I hadn’t been following through on the promptings I had already received. I had rationalized my inaction by attributing those thoughts to myself rather than the Holy Ghost.

President Russell M. Nelson said, “The privilege of receiving revelation is one of the greatest gifts of God to His children” (“Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives,” Ensign, May 2018, 94). We can develop our relationship with God by learning to receive revelation. Our ability to qualify for personal revelation depends on whether we act on the

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40 Fun Ways to Be Physically Active

“40 Fun Ways to Be Physically Active,” New Era, May 2015, 32–34

Fitness is not just for athletes.

40 Fun Ways to be Physically Active

Illustrations by Andrew Colin Beck

Is spending quality time with the couch your fallback plan on those days when you have some downtime? Playing video games, watching a cool show, texting your friends—all that can be fun, but sitting around the whole evening not really doing much makes you feel blah.

What if you want to be more physically active, but organized sports and hitting the gym aren’t your thing? Good news! You don’t have to be an Olympic sprinter or a champion bodybuilder to be active. There are fun, creative activities all around you that don’t require you to be an athlete to enjoy. So step away from the couch and make some awesome memories! Here are 40 fun activities that are too fun not to try.

On Your Own

  1. Be

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Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide: Chapter III. Net Quantity of Contents

  • What is the net quantity of contents statement for a dietary supplement?

    The net quantity of contents statement for a dietary supplement is the statement that informs consumers of the amount of dietary supplement that is in the container or package.

    21 CFR 101.105(a)

  • Where must I locate the net quantity of contents statement on my label?

    You must locate the net quantity of contents statement on your product label as a distinct item in the bottom 30 percent of the principal display panel, in lines generally parallel with the base of the container. If the principal display panel of your product is 5 square inches or less, the requirement for placement within the bottom 30 percent does not apply when the declaration of net quantity of contents meets the other requirements of 21 CFR 101.

    21 CFR 101.105(f)

  • How must I express the net quantity of contents statement on

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    Fitness/Exercise Equipment in Los Angeles

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    Merck oral Covid treatment reduces risk of hospitalization, death by half for some patients

    Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics said Friday they’ve developed a drug that reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by around 50% for patients with mild or moderate cases of Covid.

    The companies plan to seek emergency authorization for the antiviral Covid treatment after the medicine showed “compelling results” in clinical trials.

    The drug, molnupiravir, is administered orally and works by inhibiting the replication of the coronavirus inside the body.

    An interim analysis of a phase 3 study found that 7.3% of patients treated with molnupiravir were hospitalized within 29 days. Of the patients who received a placebo, 14.1% were hospitalized or died by day 29. No deaths were reported in patients who were given molnupiravir within the 29-day period, while eight deaths were reported in placebo-treated patients.

    “The news of the efficacy of this particular antiviral is obviously very good news,” White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said

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    Gov. Cox and Lt. Gov. Henderson order paid leave for mental health treatment and education

    SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 12, 2021) — Gov. Spencer J. Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson issued an executive order granting all state executive branch employees four (4) hours of administrative leave to address mental health issues. 

    A recent CDC survey found that nearly 41% of respondents reported an adverse mental or behavioral health condition, such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, or increased substance use. In addition, a Society for Human Resource Management survey found that work-related concerns left more than 40% of employees feeling hopeless, burned out or exhausted as they grapple with lives altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, 37% of employees said they haven’t done anything to cope with depression-related symptoms. 

    “As leaders, it is our responsibility to transform the ways we think about, talk about and address all forms of mental health challenges,” Gov. Cox said in a video message to state employees. “We

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